Declare: I AM a Professional Parent.

Learn how to raise Fully-functioning, Self-determining children, teenagers, adults.

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Teach Your Child to BE a Fully-functioning, and Self-determining Today.

This course benefits parents and anyone who works with children or parents. You can learn and start to teach someone to be a "Fully-functioning, Self-determining" person at any age or stage of life.

  • The key to succeeding in life is learning, practicing, applying, and repeating the distinctions that make someone a "Fully functioning, Self-determining" person.

  • I AM a Professional Parent Course is designed to give you "Fully-functionings, Self-determining" distinctions you can start applying in your life today.

You will quickly see the benefits of learning and applying "Fully-functioning, Self-determining" distinctions in your life, with your children, family, and friends.

You will start to produce results in your life by practicing professional parenting distinctions today.

You will learn Professional Parenting distinction using.

  1. Audio introduction to distinctions.
  2. Text introduction to distinctions.
  3. Detailed video and audio training sessions.
  4. Videos of children applying "Fully-functioning, Self-determining" distinctions.

We provide Professional Parenting training videos and downloadable audio sessions to support your schedule. You can start with the 20-minute session or take the 45-minute training session.

Professional Parent co-leaders in review videos.

  • Diane Gnassi, School Psychologist
  • Dr. Michelle Leslie, Clinical Behavioral Psychologist.
  • Jill Burns, CEO/Master Coach All in Ventures, Ilc.
  • Luis Moro, Partner, Transparent Technologies, Inc.

Once you complete the last video you will have the education and training to practice Being Trainable as a Professional Parent with your children, your career, and most of all for yourself.

Personal coaching and group workshops are available and customized to your needs.

Thank you for Being A Professional Parent.

We wish you continued success with all you create.

Course Curriculum

  Parenting Commitment
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days after you enroll
  What hooks you? Is you.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Learn new Combinations of Language.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  20-minute - Professional Parenting Methodology Training Video
Available in days
days after you enroll
  45 minute - Professional Parenting Methodology Training Video
Available in days
days after you enroll

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Your Instructor

Luis Moro
Luis Moro

Luis Moro has over 30 years’ experience training and developing Mortgage Loan Officers, Realtors, Builders, and a range of technology start-ups and film-tv production entrepreneurs.

In 2019, Luis trained and developed thirty-three executives across the United States in opening their own commercial loan business. Previously he was a CA-NJ bi-coastal co-manager for Supreme Lending. Luis started his mortgage banking career in 1987 with Jersey Mortgage Company, NJ.

Luis created and designed the Being Trainable “Loan Lion” program as a fast track series to learn how to open your own loan business or begin a new career as a real estate mortgage loan officer and begin originating loans quickly.

The “Loan Lion” context training is designed to give participants the academic experience required to succeed in the real estate mortgage and business lending industry. You will learn fast and save time and money with the Loan Lion courses.

“With the education available today. Anything is Possible, Being Trainable.” Luis Moro

Additional trainings courses and books authored by Luis include:

1.“Construction Realtors”, a unique sales and marketing strategy for real estate agents, home builders, and mortgage loan officers.

2.“Being Trainable", is a proven methodology to stay in action producing results. If you’re not getting what you want out of life, you’re not Being Trainable.

3."Professional Parenting", is a methodology empowering parents to simultaneously raise fully functioning, Self-determining children and succeed in their career.

Luis is an award-winning writer-filmmaker and graduate of Rutgers University, where he lettered three years in Football. Luis also studied Real Estate Finance at New York University and Transformational training at Landmark Education Worldwide. He’s a practicing Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt, at Paragon Jiu-Jitsu Academy Competition Team in Santa Barbara, CA.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts when you register. You have unlimited access for six-months on your devices.
What’s the best learning tip?
Be Trainable. Keep practicing new ways to retain new information. First, memorize the wording of a distinction. Then start to practice the distinction with yourself and your own habits and actions. Then start practicing the distinctions with your interactions with others. For example, Memorize the 5A's. Then notice where you do and don't practice them. Then start practicing the 5A's with other people. For best results apply the distinctions to your self and your own life before you start applying them to someone else.