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Thank you for Being Trainable.

A committed career requires eliminating the mysteries of the business.

This lecture guided financing career course is designed to give you a structure to win in business.

By the end of this training, you will have the education, distinctions, and academic experience to succeed in any industry.

If you're an executive, business owner, or entrepreneur transitioning to this new career, we recommend you register in our "Start a Commercial Loan Business" course. This fast track commercial consultant training course will guide you step by step towards starting your new career today and includes this training course also.

We look forward to seeing you be the "Loan Lion" in your community.

Course Curriculum

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Veterans ACT Professionals
Veterans ACT Professionals

The Veterans ACT Professionals empower Veterans to succeed. We provide,

1.     Advanced Career Transition Training

2.     Professional Parenting Education

3.     Mortgage Career Training and Placement

With the education, resources, and information available today, you can reach your goals "Being Trainable."

We know with the education and resources available today, all United States Veterans can succeed.

The Veterans ACT team uses “Being Trainable” distinctions to bridge existing active military and Veteran’s skillsets, character, and training with the distinctions required to succeed in the civilian world of opportunities.

Veterans ACT Professionals.

·       U.S. Navy, William “Billy” Lynch, Nuclear Engineer, USS Reagan

·       U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Russell B. Brownfield Jr.

·       U.S. Air Force, Robert Keegan, 43150D Helicopter Mechanic Specialist

·       Being Trainable, Partner, Luis Moro

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts when you enroll. You have unlimited access for six-months on your devices.
When can I start my career or open my business?
How fast you learn and open for business is up to your motivation and skillsets. You can learn the material in one day and start originating loans immediately. You can follow a plan and open your own business within a month.
What is the best way to take a course?
We recommend you first listen to the entire lecture. Then start reading and listening simultaneously. Then read the material with no audio. Write all your questions down along the way. Then schedule a Q&A call to address your questions.
What’s the best learning tip?
Be Trainable. Keep practicing new ways to retain new information. Learn the jargon you don't know. Look up the meanings of words you do not know. If you do not know the meanings of industry words, you cannot fully learn the business.
Can I get a private instructor or coach?
Yes. We offer courses with one on one instructor. Yes. We offer coaching for graduates and affiliates.